What you need to know to organize your vacation:

There is no ATM in Marina di Tertenia. To get cash, you need to drive to Tertenia (9 km). You will get a map on your arrival to show you the location of the ATM.
For the payment of services and options on site, at the end of your stay, you can pay by cash or by credit card to our housekeeper, Chiara, since we have set up a credit card processing system.
Open hours in Italy, foodstores and shops : there is a tradition called riposo in Italy which is still very strong in this part of the country. During riposo, everything except restaurants close for a long lunchbreak (up to 3 hours). So as a visitor, you need to know that most shops are open in the morning till 1pm and reopen at 4 pm or 5 pm and close at 8pm. Some are open on Sundays from 8:00 to 12.30 (this is the case of the foodstore Nonna ISA in Marina di Tertenia during summer). This is an important reminder if you decide, for example, to go have lunch in Tortoli and to do some shopping afterwards: all shops are closed in the afternoon till 4pm.

Off season, beginning in October and sometimes even end of September, the food store of Marina di Tertenia close to our houses are closed. You have to drive to Tertenia (9 km) for grocery shopping. However, you can still find some basic grocery items in the mini shop next to La Grotta (doublecheck).

Food stores
Cigarettes & gasoline


Addresses on the map provided to you upon arrival

Marina di Tertenia

Next to the pizzeria La Grotta, small grocery store with basic items, bread, ice-creams.
1 km away, on Via Aldo Moro, open in summer till beginning October: Nonna ISA supermarket

Tertenia (9 km), open all-year long

Several food stores and supermarkets, vegetable & fruit shop, fishmonger, butcher, baker shops, pastry shops (very popular with the residents), and the Caseificio (Cooperativa Lattera Sociale S. Antonio) for the famous Pecorino cheese.


You will find the place of Luca Mameli not far from our houses – Luca runs a Bed & Breakfast called Da Mameli and he also sells vegetables and fruits from his own garden. Totally local and seasonal! His stall is set up in front of his B&B, so you can see what he has to offer. If something in front seems old or too ripe, do not worry. He is going to run behind to get it from his garden for you. Yes. Directly from the garden.


Macelleria Rosticceria Sorelle Marongiu : the sisters Marongiu have been running this amazing Butcher & Deli Shop for years – near the Beach of Foxi Murdegu. You can get all the meat you want and also ask them for special order. They will get it for you.  But if you are too lazy to cook or grill, you can also take home grilled chicken, homemade lasagna, culurgiones, sandwiches…or you can seat there, eat a meal on the deck with a cold beer and even add an ice-cream.
Usually open from end of May to October.


In Tertenia, open every day – check the map. When you stop at the gas station, someone usually comes up to fill the tank for you and you give him 1 or 2 € for the service.


You can buy cigarettes nearby at Cocco Caffè Bar da Lillino or at the restaurant La Grotta.
Liquid for e-cigarettes in tobacco shops (“Tabacchi”) in Tertenia (9 km).


You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, typical cheese, sausages, grilled chicken, leather bracelets, beach towels and much more…

MARINA DI TERTENIA: Saturday morning
TERTENIA: Wednesday morning
TORTOLI CENTER: Friday morning (till 2pm)


When we feel like doing some shopping, we drive to Tortoli (30 km). There is a full range of shops that we can expect in a small town on the main street (Via Monsignor Virgilio). OVS, a famous Italian clothing company, has a store on Via Baccasara (women’s, men’s and children’s clothing).